Urgent Care

At CEP America, ensuring that patients have access to the right level care is important to us. Urgent care centers play a key role in delivering convenient, cost-effective care to communities. And with 30 years of experience in this arena, we provide the clinical and service excellence your ambulatory patients deserve. 

Completing the Care Journey

Many patients come to the ED because they don’t have access to a primary care provider. In those instances, follow-up care at an urgent care center may promote better outcomes and prevent costly readmissions. Our providers collaborate with their hospital-based partners to exchange information and ensure that discharged patients continue to receive the care they need.

Access for All

These centers help fill the healthcare access gap for patients who don't have a primary care physician. CEP America has worked with hospitals to design community-based urgent care centers that provide patients in underserved communities with a low-cost alternative to the emergency department. This helps to ensure limited hospital resources are reserved for true emergencies. 

Give More, Get More

When a higher level of care is needed, our providers can transition patients directly to your hospital and ED. By extending your "catchment area", we provide coordinated, responsive care for patients while also increasing your market share.