Telehealth Solutions

At CEP America, we understand that telehealth plays an important role in delivering high quality, cost-effective and convenient healthcare for your patient population. It is a powerful tool to prevent unnecessary hospital and urgent care visits, relieving pressure on overcrowded emergency departments, while delighting patients with ease of access to care. CEP America On Duty® provides an array of telehealth solutions, including tele-urgent care, virtual consultative visits and post-discharge follow-up, to meet the needs of each organization.

Solving Your Most Pressing Needs

Because no two organizations are alike, we customize our solutions to deliver long-term value to each of our partners. Our telehealth solutions can help:
  • Decrease utilization of emergency department or urgent care centers for minor medical conditions
  • Reduce readmissions through post-discharge follow-up visits
  • Prevent unnecessary ED visits and readmissions through chronic disease management
  • Offer regional expertise directing patients to community resources
  • Improve patient and member satisfaction through timely, affordable access to care
  • Provide a competitive advantage over other hospitals and health plans

Offering a Unique Approach to Telehealth

Providing 24/7 telehealth via live video, secure messaging, and image sharing , our board-certified physicians diagnose, recommend treatment, and write prescriptions. We offer a cost-effective and convenient alternative to emergency department and urgent care visits. Post-discharge follow up appointments improve understanding of discharge instructions, medication adherence, patient experience, and may reduce re-admissions.  Consultative visits assist with the management of chronic and complex conditions.
Longitudinal Care Model
We take a longitudinal approach to care, ensuring each patient receives care through resolution of his or her illness or health concern. Care starts within minutes of each request and, depending upon the needs of our clients, there may be no limit on the length or number of visits.
Sophisticated Technology Platform
On Duty physicians provide evidence-based care from private base stations, eliminating distractions and ensuring patient privacy. The technology platform is HIPAA-compliant and provides high-level data analytics and regular reporting focused on ROI, utilization, high-cost care venue avoidance, and other measures of success for you and your patients.