Scribe Services

CEP America provides turnkey medical scribe services to EDs, hospitalist programs, urgent care centers, and clinics across the country. We work closely with our partners to develop tailor-made solutions that support small private practices up to multi-location health systems. Our team of dedicated scribes is an integral part of the medical team, facilitating strong partnerships between physicians, care teams, and patients.

Our customized scribe solutions will remove the burden of documentation from your physicians so they can focus on delivering excellent patient care. That means increased productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction for physicians, while also improving the quality of care, patient throughput, physician reimbursement, and patient satisfaction scores.

What Can CEP Scribes Bring to Your Practice?

  • An increase in provider productivity: Providers see more patients per shift without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Full compliance: Our programs and scribes are completely compliant with federal and state privacy laws. We also ensure full compliance with Joint Commission requirements.
  • Increased revenue: By improving E&M coding and worked RVUs, and by decreasing downcodes and missed ancillaries, our scribe program essentially pays for itself. 
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Removing the documentation burden from providers allows for more interpersonal communication and face-to-face time with providers and their patients.

Studies show:

It takes 37% less time for a provider to complete a patient encounter with a scribe

A 57% increase in worked RVUs per hour for providers with scribes compared to providers without scribes.

$2,540 in additional downstream revenue generated per patient encounter with a scribe compared to encounters without scribes

Providing Support from Recruitment Through Training and Beyond

We’ll handle all the logistics of establishing your scribe program, from recruitment and training to onsite management, so your team can stay focused on patients. Our full-service support includes:

  • Recruiting: With a very selective screening process, we work with local universities to recruit enthusiastic candidates interested in a healthcare career.
  • Onboarding: Our onboarding team coordinates directly with our client physicians or their human resources department to gather the necessary documentation and assist with scheduling orientations and trainings. 
  • Training: We have a robust training process.  All CEP scribes become certified before working on their own.  Our scribe training program consists of classroom training, one-on-one floor training shifts with performance evaluations, and passing a final competency exam before certification. A dedicated scribe trainer will ensure each newly trained scribe is fully prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • Compliance: We provide a comprehensive compliance program to meet all industry regulatory requirements from TJC, CMS and other agencies. 
  • Ongoing Management: Once your scribe program is up and running, our team delivers ongoing support for your scribe program through a Client Account Specialist who provides day-to-day management of your program.

“My initial thoughts about having a scribe were skeptical; however, I embraced the change, and my job satisfaction has increased to a level even higher than before the implementation of computer charting. My scribe and I are a team and I look forward to us working together in the future and creating more efficiencies.”

Assistant Medical Director
Doctors Medical Center, Modesto

Improving the Practice of Medicine

Our professional, confident, and hard-working scribes enable your physicians to spend less time on administrative requirements and more time with patients – providing better treatment and care, thus also improving patient satisfaction as well.