Hospital Medicine

CEP America hospitalists serve as healthcare quarterbacks for patients during their hospital stay. We coordinate with medical and nursing staff across departments to provide seamless inpatient care and smooth transitions from one setting to the next. Our physicians tailor our best practices to each patient, resulting in:
  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Reduced length of stay (LOS)
  • Fewer 30-day readmissions
  • Increased daily census
  • Improved payer mix
CEP America physicians also recognize the importance of engaging at a hospital-wide level to improve the overall patient experience. Most of our hospitalists participate in hospital and system committees, with many serving in leadership roles.

Integrating Emergency Departments and the Hospitalist Practice

Strong emergency department-hospitalist integration doesn’t happen overnight, but when it’s successful, it has untold benefits for the patients, the staff, and the hospital at large. Our emergency physicians and hospitalists focus on improving operational efficiencies to ensure responsive and timely admissions from the emergency department to the inpatient floor. By enhancing integration between the emergency and inpatient departments, our client hospitals have seen a significant decrease in turnaround time to admission and an increase in patient satisfaction.

Discharge Planning That Begins on Day One

We know that the last thing a patient wants is a return visit to the hospital. That is why our hospitalists begin discharge planning the moment a patient is admitted. By fostering relationships with our colleagues in the medical community, we can ensure a smooth transition to the appropriate post-acute setting, whether that's a skilled nursing facility (SNF), ambulatory care center, or primary care provider. In fact, many of our hospitalists also work in affiliated SNFs, which allows them to follow-up with their discharged patients. Not only does this improve patient outcomes, it also reduces the likelihood of readmission to the hospital. 

Cultivating Relationships that Grow Market Share

Your hospital’s reputation is based on the experience of your patients. That's why CEP America’s hospitalists work to enhance your hospital’s standing from the inside out.
In addition to delivering high-quality care, our physicians cultivate relationships with providers in your community.  This might mean personally calling a patient’s primary care provider to communicate the discharge plan. Or it might mean fostering trust with community organizations and local insurance companies. Using these strategies, we've increased our clients’ average daily census, improved their payer mix, and boosted their patient satisfaction scores.