Emergency Medicine

CEP America was founded by emergency physicians who believed there was a better way to care — even when every second counts. Over the past 40 years, we've pioneered best practices in emergency department management to ensure the front door of your hospital is always open and welcoming for patients. Our programs are designed to improve patient satisfaction and department- and hospital-wide flow while decreasing time-to-provider, "left without being seen" rates, and emergency department overcrowding — all of which ultimately impact your hospital’s bottom line. 

Speeding Patients to the Right Level of Care

Our providers come to work every day with one goal in mind: to care for your patients. And we know that sick and injured patients often can't wait. That's why CEP America developed Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME)®, a parallel-processing model for the emergency department.
RME ensures patients are evaluated by a provider as quickly as possible so treatment can begin. This results in improved operational efficiency and higher patient satisfaction while significantly reducing emergency department overcrowding.
RME has been extensively field-tested and proven effective for almost all emergency departments, regardless of volume, patient demographics, or hospital type. A report by The Advisory Board Company also highlighted RME as a key innovation that streamlines care and "maximizes physician time in the emergency department." 

A Team Care Approach

The longer a patient is left waiting in the emergency department, the more likely they are to experience negative clinical outcomes. To keep care moving forward, we've developed Team Care, a multi-disciplinary approach that optimizes care efficiency and reduces length of stay.

“I’m sure that CEP America and the emergency services team are why we see about half of the emergency visits in the valley, despite being geographically located in the northern 25% of the population. The emergency team continues to assure our community that they are receiving the best of care and will allow Pioneers to continue serving our communities at the highest level long into all our futures.”

Larry Lewis,
Pioneers Memorial Hospital

Team Care begins with a group intake performed by a physician and nurse. Together they coordinate the treatment plan and communicate it to the patient and family. This approach keeps the entire team focused on our goal: discharging the patient quickly and safely.
Thanks to Team Care, CEP America is moving steadily toward our organization-wide goal of a median turnaround time to discharge of 125 minutes. 

Strengthening Physician-Nurse Relationships

Physician-Nurse Collaboration

At CEP America, we believe that a strong, collaborative team is the bedrock of successful patient care. In emergency departments, the nurse-physician relationship sets the tone for the patient experience and work environment.
That's why our physicians work with nurse leaders to develop a collaborative leadership model that ensures patient care is coordinated and every team member is on the same page. This cohesive care team, all working toward delivering the best possible care, greets every patient who visits our departments.
Through multidisciplinary process improvement committees that empower all members of the emergency department team, our model significantly improves department efficiency, service, and morale. Results include:
  • Improved job satisfaction for physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff
  • Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Decreased physician, nurse, and hospital liability
  • Improved emergency department productivity and operations
  • Decreased physician stress and burnout
  • Increased nurse retention