CEP America anesthesiologists take a leadership role in coordinating care before, during, and after a patient’s surgery. By focusing on the patient experience across clinical care settings, our physicians have: 
  • Optimized operating room efficiency
  • Improved relationships with surgeons and hospital staff
  • Increased volume and higher market share
Whether practicing in the hospital setting, an ambulatory surgery center, or a physician’s office, our anesthesiologists take a system-wide approach to enhancing patient care.

A Focus on the Perioperative Spectrum

Our physicians put the patient first. We work with our hospital colleagues to streamline processes and  enhance throughput, which include: 
  • Working with members of the ED to establish evidence-based protocols 
  • Leading quality improvement initiatives with our surgical colleagues 
  • Working with case managers to identify appropriate follow-up care settings 
Our focus on the entire patient journey results in increased operating room capacity, improved patient safety, and reduced unnecessary readmissions.

Building Lasting Relationships with Surgeons and Medical Staff

A successful patient journey is dependent on all members of the hospital staff. Our anesthesiologists cultivate positive relationships with departments throughout your hospital or health system. Every one of our anesthesiologists works to establish long-lasting relationships with the surgeons they work with. By building a culture based on mutual trust and collaboration, our surgical colleagues can depend on CEP America anesthesiologists to deliver the highest quality of care every single time.