Acute Psychiatry

The United States is facing a health crisis with emergency rooms serving as the safety net for patients suffering from mental illness. The pervasive issue of psychiatric patient ED boarding, and unnecessary hospital admissions reveals that the antiquated, inefficient, and expensive treatment services today are not working.

As industry leaders in acute psychiatric medicine, we work with health systems and counties to co-design and develop customized programs to transform treatment protocols and raise the standards of care for behavioral health patients.

Improving the Quality and Dignity of Care for Psychiatric Patients 

As a physician-owned, physician-led partnership, we deliver care across diverse settings, providing best practices in patient evaluation, risk assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and disposition. Invested in services designed to benefit our patients, client health systems, and care providers, CEP America’s suite of psychiatrists provide appropriate, timely, and compassionate care designed to stabilize and treat acute psychiatric patients—while avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions, reducing care delays, and minimizing ED boarding.

Outpatient Care Models to Meet Your Hospital’s Needs

CEP America’s acute psychiatry services focus on the partnership between emergency psychiatry and emergency medicine to provide the right level of care at the right place. Our program provides prompt evaluation and intensive treatment with the goal of rapid stabilization and no more than a 24-hour length of stay (LOS). Discharge planning and case management ensure a smooth transition home or to another care setting.

Innovative Solutions That Are Turning the Tide

Our Board-Certified psychiatrists work with each client to construct a care model that meets the needs of the patient and/or the patient’s family and abides by hospital, county, and state regulations.  

Crisis Stabilization Units (CSU)

  • A designated destination for medically cleared psychiatric patients in crisis
  • Calming milieu model proven to dramatically reduce incidences of restraint, seclusion, and assault
  • Improved ED throughput, increasing capacity for additional patients

Inpatient Psychiatry

  • Psychiatric Hospitalist model provides 24/7 psychiatric coverage and meets EMTALA guidelines
  • Accelerates disposition and appropriate LOS through a dedicated care plan led by the physician
  • Optimizes reimbursement and CMS quality measures for Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatry Services


  • 24/7 on-demand access to board-certified, experienced emergency psychiatrists in a variety of settings—from the ED to the ICU, as well as inpatient floors to skilled nursing facilities
  • Appropriate referrals to inpatient psychiatric units and psychiatric discharge plans
  • Supports CSU to augment in-house psychiatric coverage during saturation and/or surge, after hours, and weekends
Built on a foundation of compassion and dignity, the integration and coordination of services across the Acute Care Continuum improves the total experience for acute psychiatric patients throughout the hospital and helps hospitals save money.