Acute Neurology 

Aging and population growth both contribute significantly to the rise in healthcare costs and morbidity due to disease. In the United States, the prevalence of stroke and neurodegenerative disorders has increased significantly. In fact, stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability and the fifth most common cause of death in the United States, amounting to $33 billion in annual costs for the healthcare system.
To ease the physical and financial burdens that stem from neurological disability, CEP America provides access to comprehensive acute neurology care, including services for stroke and other neurologic conditions while providing a customized care plan that allows your hospital to expand its neurological expertise.

Delivering an Improved and Informed Care Experience

Because CEP provides services across the full acute care continuum, we are uniquely qualified to introduce tightly coordinated care for patients requiring neurology services. This is why CEP America’s panel of Board-Certified and Board-Eligible neurologists utilizes innovative approaches to improve cost-efficiency and to deliver excellent patient care.
In coordination with emergency, intensive care, and hospital medicine services, CEP offers a tailored comprehensive neurology services package.

Comprehensive and Customized Neurology Care Services and Benefits

Acute Tele-Neurology/Tele-Stroke

  • 24/7, 360-degree access to neurologists trained across various neurology subspecialties
  • Effective integration with site medical staff
  • Timely virtual neurology consultations with a response time of under five minutes for stroke patients
  • Remote patient interviewing and examination capabilities for neuro-interventional procedures and therapies

Neurohospitalist Services

  • Daily Emergency Department and inpatient consultation and rounding by our neurohospitalist-led team in participation with our palliative care team
  • Review of neurological imaging studies and other ancillary testing
  • Monitoring of intraoperative and EEG services