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In this infographic, see what the data from CEP America's 94 EDs across the country tells us about self-pay patients two months into the new healthcare reform measures. Leave your observations in the comments section. And stay tuned as we report on more February 2014 data in the coming weeks.

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Since the beginning of the year, millions of previously uninsured Americans have received health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. In this video, hear providers across the country talk about what they're expecting to see at their hospitals over the next few months with influx of newly-insured Americans.

What do you expect your hospital to see in the short term? Share your comments in the section below.

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By Joseph Ginejko, DO

In many ways, the lead-up to full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in January 2014 felt a bit like the countdown to Y2K. Some pundits were convinced that our healthcare system would collapse on New Years Day when the newly insured stormed the emergency department (ED) doors demanding their Obamacare.

I'm therefore pleased (though not terribly surprised) to report that Reform Realtime ED data for January and February 2014 shows no significant difference from years past in terms of average volume, acuity mix or top diagnoses. (The 2014 data covers about 700,000 patient visits at 90 sites across the country.)

One trend the data does show is a significant uptick in the proportion of patients paying for their own care. This points toward some issues that are often overlooked by politicians, pundits and the media — yet are very real for the patients involved. So that's the trend I'd like to address today.

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In a recent Reform Realtime video, providers on the ground shared their thoughts on the biggest challenges facing acute care:

"Patients may have insurance now … but yet when they call a clinic or try to call a family physician for their care, there's a wait of several months to get in. And so many of those patients are seeking care in the emergency department because they have nowhere else to go." 

"Is government regulation going to interfere with my interactions with my patients?"

"We're required to do more with less. We have fewer resources, less staffing. And everyone is concerned about the finances and where we're going today."

"In one sense, we need to see a lot of patients, admit a lot of patients. Hospitals are getting paid for having more patients in their beds. And on the other, we're trying to keep patients out of the hospital."

So our Reform Realtime correspondents had a variety of concerns, but what did you think?

Two weeks ago, we asked you about the biggest pressures facing your hospitals — and you answered!

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We continue our look at the effects of healthcare reform since January 1. In this infographic, see what the data from CEP America's 94 EDs across the country tells us and how it compares to your experience. Leave your observations in the comments section. And stay tuned as we begin reporting on February 2014 data.
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After healthcare was expanded in Massachusetts, healthcare providers saw an uptick in emergency department (ED) visits. As a result, many people expected a similar increase across the country once the health insurance exchanges took effect on January 1, 2014.

So what has happened since the beginning of the year? In this video, hear from practicing physicians describe what they're seeing on the ground.

What are you noticing at your hospital? Share your observations in the comments section below.

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