About Reform Realtime

What Is Reform Realtime?

Reform Realtime provides an up-to-the-minute look at the effects of healthcare reform by leveraging CEP America's national data set. We help you keep a pulse on our changing industry through data analysis, expert commentary, and on-the-ground reports from hospitals across the country.

What Makes Reform Realtime Unique?

While many state and federal agencies report similar healthcare data, Reform Realtime stands apart in its:
  • Timeliness. We share mature data within 2–3 months (versus 2–3 years for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data).
  • Geographic reach. Our data encompasses 5 million patients at over 100 practice locations across the country.
  • Diversity of healthcare organizations. Our hospitals represent every size and type, from critical access facilities to large urban hospitals and academic teaching centers.
  • Diversity of payer mix. We track patients with all types of coverage, including Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, health exchange products, and the uninsured. 

Where Does the Data Come From?

As an organization dedicated to evidence-based practice, CEP America tracks over 900 data points for each practice location we staff. We also have access to billing and financial data via our integrated physician services divisions and corporate subsidiaries.

Why Do We Share This Data?

CEP America is committed to improving the care of patients everywhere and creating a stronger, more cost-effective healthcare industry. To this end, we openly share our data, successes, and lessons learned.

Reform Realtime and You

When it comes to healthcare reform, every provider has a story. How do the new laws and regulations affect your patients? What challenges are your organization facing? Join the conversation and share your experiences.