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The Acute Care Continuum is the integration of urgent, emergent, inpatient and post-discharge care of patients with acute medical conditions.

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In 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rolled out its first emergency department (ED) core measure set. This was the start of a new era in which EDs played a key role in helping their organizations meet national quality goals. A high-performing ED was suddenly necessary in order to maintain accreditation, compete for patients and receive full annual update payments under CMS' Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (HIQR) program. New ED measures have been added to the program each year.

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adaptability.jpgOn my first day of medical school, during introductory lectures, the dean said something that seemed a little radical:

"At least 50 percent of everything we teach you in the next four years is going to be proven wrong at some point in the future. The only problem is, we don't know which 50 percent that is."

Those words are particularly salient today as our system begins its shaky transition away from fee-for-service toward population health management. Today's physicians must adapt and evolve not only clinically, but in the realm of care delivery as well.

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By Jeffrey Frank, MD, MBA; Doug Lange, MD; Rick May, MD; Peter Rowe, MD; Reid Rubsamen, MD; Ryan Green, MD; Eric Fulkerson, MD; Catherine Hurt, MD; Teri DeLaMontanya, RN; and Barbara Harris, RN

Reducing complications (and ultimately morbidity and mortality) among hip fracture patients is a crucial quality goal for many hospitals. Here's how John Muir Medical Center – Walnut Creek (Calif.) achieved excellent outcomes for hip fracture patients using a unique interprofessional approach.

The following post is adapted from a poster presented at CEP America's 2013 conference.

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Ask almost any physician why they chose medicine, and they'll answer, "I wanted to make a difference in the lives of patients." But in today's high-pressure healthcare environment, it's easy to get caught up in performance metrics and obsessed with efficiency.

I can relate. I'm an emergency physician, and my wife Tasha is a hospitalist. But about seven years ago, we went through an experience that changed our perspective forever.

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To help our hospital clients improve patient outcomes and better serve their communities, CEP America has piloted a role called the transitional care director (TCD). The TCD is a physician who works to improve care transitions across the Acute Care Continuum by implementing sustainable, systematic change.

I'm now in my second year as TCD at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, Calif. In this role, I have been privileged to work with our administration, hospitalist groups and community organizations on several improvement initiatives.

Today I'll share our goals for the position, plus of few examples of how greater investment in transitional care has benefited our patients.

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