Perspectives on the Acute Care Continuum

The Acute Care Continuum is the integration of urgent, emergent, inpatient and post-discharge care of patients with acute medical conditions.

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Urgent care clinics face a unique set of challenges when it comes to fostering loyalty and patient satisfaction. Here's how one clinic is using technology to gain valuable feedback and improve service recovery.
3/20/2017 1:28:15 PM | 3 comments

We often discuss patients’ experiences through the Acute Care Continuum. Much less has been written about the journey of providers whose careers take them through a variety of settings. As a PA with a multispecialty group, I'd like to share how traversing the Acute Care Continuum — from primary care to the ED to a rural urgent care clinic — has informed and enriched my practice. Read More...
4/26/2016 7:12:16 PM | 10 comments

Federally Qualified Health Centers provide a safety net for the underserved. In today's post, we'll discuss how FHQCs can strengthen the Acute Care Continuum, plus the role they play in population health management. Read More...
10/8/2015 3:39:01 PM | 2 comments

Recently, I set out to recruit several new physicians for our urgent care practice — and in the course of my interviews noticed some disquieting trends. In general, the physicians I interviewed were enthusiastic about urgent care. But the moment I mentioned that primary care was also part of the job, the mood changed. Even for physicians coming out of a family medicine residency, primary care seemed to be a deal breaker. Read More...
6/9/2015 11:55:53 AM | 2 comments

The eastern Texas town of Lufkin is located over 50 miles from the nearest FedEx delivery point. In the past, area residents in psychiatric crisis endured long waits in the emergency department (ED), hospital or even jail to access specialized behavioral healthcare — often at facilities far from home. But that's all changing, thanks to an innovative new delivery model.  Read More...
4/30/2015 3:12:11 PM | 4 comments
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