Vamshidher Gankidi, MBBS, MPH
Healthcare Data Analyst

About the Author
Vamshi leads the data analysis efforts as part of the Health Care Operational Intelligence (HOI) group at Aditazz.  He is a medical doctor trained in public health from Yale University. At Aditazz, he integrates the clinical knowledge into building design. He works closely with software engineers, medical planners, and architects to build simulation models to provide hospital management with insights to improve their operations.
About Aditazz
By applying automated design methodologies of the semiconductor industry, Aditazz is pushing new orders of efficiency into the health care industry. Aditazz’s proprietary software technology platform, the Aditazz Realization Platform (ARP), integrates simulation and optimization, strategic planning, design, manufacturing, and assembly into a single data-driven experience.

We work with facility owners, architects, engineers and builders to virtually plan, build and operate validated facility simulations to ensure and inform performance results.

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