Michael Neeki, DO, MS, FACEP
Assistant Medical Director, San Bernardino Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers; and emergency physician, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
CEP America

Michael M. Neeki, DO, MS, FACEP is a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician, and Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Tactical Medicine in the Emergency Medicine Residency program at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC); this facility is a regional level II trauma center and a burn center located in Colton, CA.  This facility serves the largest county in the nation making ARMC the second busiest emergency room in the State of California. In addition, Dr. Neeki was appointed in 2015 as the Chief Medical Officer for the San Bernardino County Department of Juvenile Probation, whose main responsibilities include medical care for incarcerated youths and designing an educational program in tactical medicine for the probation officers. He served as the Medical Director for the City of Rialto Fire and EMS Rescue, where in 2008 he was the first volunteer Tactical Physician for the Inland Valley SWAT team.  In addition, he serves on the Medical Advisory Committee of the Inland County Emergency Medical Agency, Trauma Committee and is the Chair of the Institutional Review Board for ARMC.

Dr. Neeki is an active trainer and lecturer on EMS and Tactical Medicine (TCCC, TECC) to the regional law enforcement, EMS agencies and medical training programs since 2008. He assisted with the development of various training programs for pre-hospital care by EMS agencies in the region. The lectures focus on emergency procedures and treatments on a variety of topics including trauma, cardiac resuscitation, and policy updates regarding EMS treatment modalities.  Dr. Neeki has been active in basic science research in cardiovascular physiology, hypertension, and traumatic brain injuries. He has served as the site medical monitor for the Neuren Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Phase III, IV clinical trial sponsored by the United States Department of Defense on Medical Treatment of Traumatic Brian Injury since 2012. Currently, he is working on a few research projects aiming to improve the quality of pre-hospital care for trauma and medical emergencies.  He is the principle investigator in the Cal-PAT trial, the largest North American pre-hospital research investigating the use of Tranexamic acid in traumatic hemorrhage shock.

For his efforts and diligence in the medical field, Dr. Neeki, has been recognized, given various awards and has been asked to be a keynote speaker in the past few years. In 2015, he was invited to be a keynote speaker at the 3rd annual Pre-Medical & Pre-Health Conference at California State University, San Bernardino, where he spoke to bring awareness to future health care professionals. While in 2013 he was included on the Honor Roll as a Guardian of the Profession for the American Osteopathic Association, which recognizes those who demonstrate a strong sense of pride in the osteopathic medical profession and who work to actively advance osteopathic medicine with colleagues and the general public. In addition, in 2010, Dr. Neeki was nominated by patients to be included in the list of 473 Best Doctors in the Inland Empire.

For the past ten years, Dr. Neeki has worked extensively with public institutions and community outreach organizations such as Rialto School District and the Fontana Leadership Intervention Program (FLIP) to secure educational opportunities for teachers and students in the communities located in the Inland Empire.  From 2012 to 2015, Dr. Neeki would lecture about drug and alcohol prevention to the “at-risk” youths in the FLIP program; subsequently he was invited to be a keynote speaker at the program’s 10th graduation in 2015. During that same year, he spoke to the Medical Club at Grand Terrace High School about the vast opportunities available in the medical field. In addition, since 2008 he has worked as a volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) in San Bernardino and California Medical Volunteer Corp.

Dr. Neeki doubles as a volunteer member of the Inland Valley SWAT Team and he was among the first responders during the December 2, 2015 San Bernardino terror attack. For this reason, he was recently honored in Sacramento on the Assembly Floor at California Legislature’s Inland Empire (IE) Caucus for the First Responders Joint Member’s Resolution Presentation. In addition, Dr. Neeki was awarded the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Award for going above and beyond the call of duty to fight hatred and protect the community from hate-motivated violence, especially during his efforts to help resolve the attack on December 2. In March of this year, he was invited as an honored guest as a first responder hero by the SoCal Persian American Medical Association dinner and in the same month, Dr. Neeki was also asked to speak on a panel at the Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management at the County’s Board chambers in regards to the emergency responses and any lessons learned during the attack. This past February, Dr. Neeki accepted an invitation to be a keynote speaker at the Rialto Police Department’s second annual awards program where he was also a recipient of the Rialto Police Department’s 2015 Award on Service and Excellence. Dr. Neeki was also invited to Washington, D.C. as a guest speaker at The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s IOM Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Catastrophic Events; he gave a briefing on medical response during coordinated, multisite, and/or prolonged terrorist events and discussed the specific challenges/barriers that adversely influence medical response during such events. Towards the end of December in 2015, he was honored as one of the first responders at the Press Enterprise’s Second Inland Empire Top Workplaces Awards Ceremony for bravery and professionalism.

After obtaining his master’s degree in cardiovascular physiology at the University of Akron (Ohio), he enrolled in the PhD neuroscience program at the Medical College of Ohio in 1997. He subsequently graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2002. During his medical education, he received The Russell C. McCaughan Education Scholarship in 1999, The Joan Gaibreath Phillips Scholarship in 2000, and The Biomedical Science Award of the class of 2002. He completed his Internship and residency training in Emergency Medicine and Flight Medicine at Saint Vincent Mercy Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio, and in 2004, he was awarded the Life Flight Physician of the Year Award.  In 2005, with extensive training in trauma, flight, EMS, disaster, and Tactical Medicine, he served as the faculty for two years prior to his move to ARMC.