Transformational Change in Healthcare Spotlighted at CEP America’s 41st Partnership Meeting


Exceptional growth of company, introduction of new members to the leadership team and kudos for outstanding hospital partner achievements also recognized

Highlighting innovative solutions that led the company to expand to 3,200 providers at 250 practice sites in 12 states over the past four decades, the physician partners, advanced providers, and team members at CEP America recently held their 41st Partnership Meeting.

The focus of the meeting was transformational change and the need to find new ways to meet the challenges faced by hospitals, urgent care, skilled nursing facilities, and other clinical practice sites nationwide. The company’s new leadership team announced earlier this year, was also formally introduced and exceptional practice achievements were recognized.

Held in San Francisco, the three-day meeting was attended by more than 1,700 CEP America physician and advanced provider leaders and colleagues. Speakers presented information on a range of issues, including the nation’s changing and uncertain practice environment; the importance of fostering joy in medicine; and creating a true team approach to patient care.

“Our growth and expansion over the past year have exceeded our expectations and plans,” said Imamu Tomlinson, MD, an emergency physician, long-term partner and incoming CEO (as of 1/1/17) for CEP America. “Without a doubt, it is due to our exceptional providers and the forward-thinking hospitals and practice sites that have chosen to partner with us. Now more than ever, CEP America must be adaptable, flexible and wholly patient-focused to continue our success and meet the healthcare challenges to come.”

At the meeting, CEP America showcased best practices from over 250 unique practice sites and acknowledged partner hospitals with outstanding achievements in providing faster emergency care, reducing readmissions and increasing patient satisfaction. The award-winning practices include:

Practice of the Year - Sutter Delta Medical Center, Antioch, Calif. The emergency team was recognized for its mission to foster a positive internal culture, boost morale, and stamp out negativity to increase both provider and patient satisfaction. For more information, see the case study here

Distinguished Practices -

  • Dignity Health – Community Hospital of San Bernardino (Calif.)
    • Among their many accomplishments, the hospital achieved significant improvements in turnaround times and boosted satisfaction scores while implementing a new electronic medical record system.
  • Via Christi Health, Wichita, KS
    • Within their first year, the hospital implemented key CEP America signature processes, including Rapid Medical Evaluation® (RME) and a crisis stabilization unit for at-risk psychiatric patients.
  • Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, IL
    • Created innovative care plans for the hospital’s most complex patients, reducing utilization by 77% over two years — all while increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Mercy Medical Center Redding (Calif.)
    • With a focus on improving overall performance, the hospital achieved and exceeded numerous goals. Length of stay (LOS) decreased from 4.2% in 2015 to 3.55% in 2016, well under the industry average, including reductions for complex conditions such as COPD and pneumonia. In terms of patient experience metrics, the site exceeded their call back goal of 50%, resulting in a readmission rate of 10.8%, which is below both the CEP America average of 13.6% and well below the national average of 15.6%.

After many years of service, the current CEO Wesley Curry, MD, will become CEO Emeritus in 2017. Dr. Curry’s influence has resulted in a significant transformation, from a single state regional group of emergency physicians to a highly regarded multispecialty, and multistate physician partnership, recognized for its innovation, performance, and physician leadership. In his final address as CEO to the annual partnership meeting, Dr. Curry urged the attendees representing CEP America physician practices nationwide to, “Embrace the new normal or risk obsolescence, because the status quo is not a viable strategic plan.”

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