CEP America Launches On Duty; New Telehealth Solution Fills Gap in Payer and Provider Population Health Strategies

With more than 76 percent of patients prioritizing access to care over a need for in-person interaction with a provider¹, CEP America has launched On Duty® , a new urgent care focused telehealth solution for risk-bearing organizations including hospitals, payers, large employers, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and independent physician associations (IPAs). 
CEP America’s On Duty 24/7 tele-urgent care service connects patients to physicians via live video to diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication. In addition, CEP America physicians can provide virtual consultative visits and post-discharge follow-up visits. Working collaboratively with each client, CEP America develops a white-labeled custom suite of services to ensure patients will be able to seamlessly access On Duty directly from their patient portal, website or app.
As one of the nation’s top providers of acute care services, CEP America brings important insights and experience to its approach to tele-urgent care programs. The program is fully staffed by board certified emergency physicians. Backed by HIPAA-compliant technology that provides sophisticated data analytics and reporting, and supported by CEP America’s 40 years of acute care experience, On Duty ensures the highest level of expertise and service. 
“Better than any other organization in the nation, we know the challenges and opportunities urgent care and telehealth offer payers, hospitals and health systems today,” said Rick Newell, MD, CEP America’s director of Telehealth Quality & Performance.  “We see what happens when care is delayed and we know what can happen when patients have access to quality, convenient care through a fully integrated healthcare team. That’s why we take a longitudinal approach to care; to ensure each patient receives the care needed throughout his or her illness or health concern, whatever it may be.”
With a tele-urgent program, care starts within minutes of each request. Unlike other telehealth providers, On Duty sets no limit on the length or number of appointments. CEP America physicians provide care from private base stations to maintain patient privacy.
On Duty was created to support the unique needs and challenges of health systems, payers, and IPAs, including patient population management, greater care collaboration, improved outcomes and more convenient care for patients, as well as cost savings and revenue source expansion. With hospitals facing penalties of more than $428 billion for unnecessary readmissions in 2015², finding ways to reduce that burden is critical for the nation’s healthcare providers.
Additional benefits of On Duty include:
  • Decreasing utilization of high-cost care venues for minor medical problems
  • Reducing readmissions through post-discharge virtual follow-up visits
  • Avoiding hospitalizations and emergency department visits for patients with chronic conditions
  • Improving patient satisfaction through timely, affordable access to care
For additional information visit http://www.cepamerica.com/services/telehealth or call
(800) 600–6339.
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