CEP America Highlights Value of Coordinated Care at 2016 Health Forum/AHA Leadership Summit July 17-19

CEP America executives will be among top healthcare leaders presenting at the 2016 Health Forum/AHA Leadership Summit on July 17-19 in San Diego, CA. This year’s theme, “Empowering Leaders Driving Health Care’s Transformation,” will explore critical issues facing hospitals and healthcare systems today.

“Healthcare today requires forward-thinking physician leaders who can move hospitals and health systems toward an integrated, patient-centered approach,” says David Birdsall, M.D., Vice President of CEP America. “Physician leaders must intentionally create a culture of care that entails meaningful collaboration to successfully navigate the changing landscape of healthcare reform.”

CEP America’s presentation, “A Patient’s Journey: What a Single Patient’s Story Tells Us about the Value of Coordinated Care,” will discuss how meaningful integration was achieved at Palomar Health in San Diego, CA. The presentation is one of the featured Sunrise Session breakfasts and is slated for 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 19.

Presenters will include David Birdsall, M.D., Vice President of CEP America, Robert Hemker, President and CEO of Palomar Health, Sabiha Pasha, M.D., Medical Director of the CEP Hospitalist Program, Palomar Health, and Jaime Rivas, M.D., Medical Director of Emergency Medicine Services at Palomar Health.

The presentation will highlight a patient’s journey through the acute care continuum and discuss the tangible benefits achieved by Palomar Health as a result of coordinated care. The goal is to provide physician leaders with actionable best practices to achieve true integration and collaboration at their own hospitals.

“We have proven time and again that meaningful integration is a win-win situation for patients, physicians and hospitals,” said Dr. Rivas. “We have attained excellent performance metrics such as reducing hospital readmissions, length of stay and improving overall patient experience and physician engagement.”

CEP America is one of the nation’s largest providers of acute care management and staffing solutions. A physician-owned and operated medical organization, CEP America works with hospitals and health systems to integrate patient care across the acute care continuum while improving clinical outcomes and patient experiences.
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