CEP America Announces Expansion of Anesthesia Practice as Physicians of Morpheus Anesthesia Inc. Vote to Join Partnership

The anesthesia practice line for CEP America, one of the nation’s largest democratic physician partnerships, will expand once again when the physicians of Lodi, Calif.-based Morpheus Anesthesia Inc. (MAI) join the Partnership on April 1.
CEP America partners with hospitals and facilities to staff and manage departments across the Acute Care Continuum, including anesthesia, urgent, emergency, inpatient, and post-acute care settings. CEP America’s democratic partnership model, where all physicians are owners and Partners, has empowered physicians to enhance transitions of care across patient populations and geographic regions.
“As a physician organization dedicated to patient-centered care and ensuring long term satisfying careers for our providers, we are pleased to welcome the physicians of Morpheus Anesthesia Inc. into the CEP America Partnership,” said Wesley A. Curry, MD, CEP America’s Chief Executive Officer. “With equitable ownership by all physician Partners in CEP America, we are an important alternative for physician groups looking for both practice innovation and stability as healthcare continues to evolve.”
MAI is the largest private practice of board-certified anesthesiologists in the Lodi-Stockton area of California. They currently provide anesthesia services at Lodi Memorial Hospital as well as outpatient surgery centers throughout the region. The 15 physicians of MAI voted to join the CEP America Partnership effective April 1, 2016. Clinical services by MAI will cease on March 31st, and the company will wind down operations over the following several months.
"Our group has been looking for a partner that would allow us to adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare environment.  After reviewing many opportunities that did not support our beliefs and culture, we found that partner in CEP America,” said Shale Imeson, MD, President of MAI. “We are confident that joining CEP America will benefit our patients and our facility partners, just as it has already energized and inspired our physicians.”
As the newest anesthesia Partners in CEP America, Dr. Imeson and his colleagues will join a robust practice focused on the development of new programs and best practices that will further enhance patient care.
CEP America is owned by its physicians; there are no employed physicians, independent contractors, or super-owners within CEP America. The Partnership is governed by its physicians through a democratically elected Board of Directors. Anesthesiologists joining CEP America will become Partners in the organization, with a defined partnership track that includes ownership, democratic participation, and profit distribution. 
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