2016 Emergency Nursing Conference to Feature a Presentation to Address ED Boarding

“Regionalization of Psychiatric Care: An Antidote to Boarding” will be presented by CEP America Vice President of Acute Psychiatric Medicine, Scott Zeller, MD, and President, American Association for Emergency Psychiatry, Leslie S. Zun, MD, MBA, FAAEM, at the Emergency Nursing 2016 conference on Saturday, September 17 at 12:45 p.m. Pacific. The conference, held September 14-17 in Los Angeles, is the largest national conference focused exclusively upon emergency nurses.
“Hospitals are challenged to find solutions to the growing problem of mentally ill patients backing up in their over-burdened medical Emergency Departments,” said Dr. Zeller. “All too often, acute psychiatric patients are forced to board in crowded emergency departments for long hours or even days due to a lack of psychiatric hospital beds. This leads to higher costs and poorer outcomes.”
The traditional solution of boarding mentally ill patients in hospital Emergency Departments (EDs) who are medically stable, but being held for a psychiatric evaluation or disposition, is straining resources and adding to the overcrowding of EDs. Most new solutions still follow the concept that the only disposition for virtually all emergency psychiatric patients is hospitalization.
An alternative approach to solving the challenge of reducing psychiatric patient boarding in the ED is the implementation of regional dedicated emergency psychiatric facilities. With this solution, Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) compliant “dedicated emergency departments” for mental health crises, both voluntary and involuntary, can screen/evaluate and treat all acute psychiatric patients for a region. This would eliminate the need for urgent psychiatric consults in a general ED, reducing the medical and financial costs associated with it.
The presentation by Drs. Zeller and Zun will look at challenges presented by boarding psychiatric patients in hospital medical EDs and the benefits offered by regionalization as a solution to the problem, including in-depth examination of various regionalization models. Results of these regionalized models will also be presented, including timeliness of evaluations, treatment protocols, volume increases, patient satisfaction, and collaboration with various stakeholders, such as psychiatrists and peace officers.
Presented by the Emergency Nurses Association, the Emergency Nursing 2016 conference provides emergency nurses with the opportunity to learn about the latest clinical and technological breakthroughs in emergency nursing.
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