CEP America Hosted Free Webinar: Physician Leaders, Emerging Trends & the Future of Hospitals in Population Health

In partnership with Healthcare Executive Insight, CEP America hosted a free webinar, “Physician Leaders, Emerging Trends & the Future of Hospitals in Population Health” on Tuesday, August 25th.

As the healthcare landscape changes at a rapid pace, healthcare administrators and providers are looking for solutions to meet the growing demands of reform.

Our panel of physician leaders got together and shared their thoughts on how population health can be effectively managed by hospitals and health systems across care settings. The panel included our own Gail Silver, MD, Director of Ambulatory & Urgent Care Practice; Rick Newell, MD, MPH, FACEP, Director of Quality & Performance; and Denise Brown, MD, Vice President of Practice Development.

Topics explored in this webinar included:
  • How the role of hospitals will change under population health management
  • Why the healthcare environment today requires hospitals to take a leadership role in managing populations of patients
  • Potential innovations to help administrators implement population health management
  • The multiple benefits population health strategies can have for hospitals
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