Scribe FAQs

Getting Hired

How do I apply to become a scribe?
We appreciate your interest in the CEP America scribe services and welcome you to submit your resume. Click here to go to our job board. If you find a position you want to apply for, click on it, then follow the link at the bottom of the page to get to the application form. Make sure you also take the applicant test; there's a link in each posting. We are always looking for talented people. If you don't see a job posted for the location you're interested in, we invite you to submit your resume for consideration for new opportunities that might come along. To do this, click on "All Future Scribe Opportunities" at the bottom of the page.
If I apply to multiple openings, do I have to take the applicant test multiple times?
No, you only need to take the applicant test once.
How do I know if my resume was received?
You will receive an automatic email acknowledging the receipt of your resume. Please do not respond to this email.
Can I expect to hear from a recruiter after I send my resume?
We will carefully review your resume for the position to which you apply. However, a recruiter will contact you only if your skills and experience best match the requirements of that current job opportunity. If the site you applied for is not currently hiring, we will keep your resume on file for future openings and a recruiter may contact you at that time.
I am available to work for more than one year. Can I still be considered?
Absolutely! We value and appreciate our experienced scribes and encourage them to be ongoing members of the care team. We require that scribes work for a minimum of 1 year but they can continue to work for as long they want to.
Can I choose to work only during summer/winter breaks from school?
No, we are looking for a commitment of at least 1 year.
I am available for a year, but I have a school break coming up. Can I start working at one site for the summer, and then transfer to another site in the fall?
Since our sites use several different charting systems, it can take a few months to get comfortable working on your own. We ask that you commit to at least 1 year at the same site.
Should I include non-healthcare related experience on my resume?
Yes. Many job skills are transferable. Your past experience helps us better understand your skills and personal strengths.


Where are your scribe services located?
We have scribe services in several states. Click here for more details.
Do scribes get paid?
Yes, it is a paid position. Scribes are valued and important members of the care team. They are not volunteers or interns, and they have real responsibilities.
Do scribes get paid during training?
Yes! We pay our scribes to receive proper training.
How many hours a week do scribes work?
Scribes typically work 2-3 shifts per week. They are considered Per Diem employees (working less than 20 hours a week or 87 hours a month). Shift times vary by site.
What type of shifts do scribes work?
The schedules are different at each of our sites, with shifts starting at various times throughout the day and night. Hospitals are open 24 hours a day, so scribes are sometimes required to work nights, weekends, and holidays.
Do scribes get benefits?
Scribes who become part time and full time employees are eligible for our benefit packages.
I’m in school, is the schedule flexible?
We encourage ongoing education and work with you where possible to allow for your studies. The scheduler will request your availability approximately 1 month in advance and try to accommodate you as best as they can.


What does scribe training involve? 

The training takes place both in a classroom and online. Each scribe completes floor shifts under the guidance of a scribe trainer. During the training period, scribes are evaluated and tested on the material. Prior to working with physicians on their own, new scribes undergo evaluations allowing them to understand what areas they excel in and in what areas they need improvement.
How long does it take for a scribe to be trained?

Training is approximately 6-8 weeks. Inpatient scribes complete additional training modules beyond what ED scribes complete. Generally speaking, it takes approximately 3-4 months before a new scribe is efficient and comfortable with EMR and patient flow.