Scribe Testimonials

"The CEP America scribe program has enabled me to understand healthcare in a more holistic manner by allowing me to see through the provider's eyes. Our job as scribes is great for those pursuing a career in healthcare because it gives us greater perspective and depth that others coming into this field do not receive. Not only am I able to assist in making a patient's Emergency Department visit most efficient, I am able to walk away with an experience of a lifetime. An experience like this is one that I will carry with me on my route to becoming a doctor."
Araik Sinanyan

"The CEP America scribe program has not only allowed me to gain invaluable clinical exposure as a post-undergraduate student with aspirations towards attending medical school, but more importantly provided me connections to build personal relationships with many doctors who motivate and inspire me to work even harder towards achieving my goal of becoming a respectable physician such as themselves. Aside from tremendously increasing my communication and writing sills in terms of medical vocabulary and professionalism, closely working alongside doctors entirely during each shift, I was able to realistically visualize the kind of work, pressures, and challenges they are faced with on a daily basis while being able to compare the differences in "styles" of work in each physician. Personally being involved in research, various volunteering experiences, and multiple clinical internships throughout college, I cannot think of a better opportunity or experience to engage in during this transitional phase as it has helped me confirm my passion for medicine and establish my dedication to health care. I believe the scribe program truly encompasses my prior experiences and educaiton/training, and sets new, exciting challenges each day to advance my knowledge and abilities to fully prepare me for what lies ahead in my future!"
Chang Jung
Banner Boswell & Del E. Webb Medical Centers

"I can't but thank CEP America for their scribe program because it has given me confidence and pure knowledge as to what lies ahead of me. Everyday is a new day to learn something new and apply it to your future medical profession."
Faith Slowik
Mercy Medical Center, Redding

"Scribing is probably the best clinical experience a pre-med student can get, bar none...Not only do you get to work one on one with both Drs. and PAs, which can lead to close working relationships and excellent letters of recommendations come application time, Scribes get a bird's eye view of the entire health care delivery process from start to finish, from the moment of initial patient intake thru that of final discharge. So if you have any doubts whatsoever about whether medicine is for you, this experience will help clear up any reservations you may have and give you a very realistic view of what to expect as a healthcare provider today. However, like anything else in life, one gets out of scribing what one puts into it... And for those willing to put in the time, the experience can really almost double as a sort of early residency program where you are learning not only medical terminology and how to properly document patient encounters, but the actual medicine and science behind the diseases and treatments as well. In short, I really can't say enough positive things about the experience and in my opinion, if you're serious about medicine, this is something you have to have on your resume." 
Hagent Shue
Garden Grove

"Since working as a scribe for CEP America I have learned more than I ever thought I would. It's wonderful to be able to work with such accomplished physicians, PA's and NP's and to learn from them daily. I am so grateful for this opportunity and would recommend the scribe program to anyone looking into a career in the medical field!"
Sierra Rocha
DMC Modesto