The New Partner Experience

We welcome every one of our new physicians with support from seasoned Partners at your local practice as well as with introductions and networking across the organization. CEP America offers a number of services specifically designed to make your career a rewarding one, allowing you to begin working toward your professional goals immediately.

Onboarding with CEP America begins with our Concierge Team, who guides you through the credentialing process and provides a review of compliance documents and malpractice insurance. Your Medical Director and site team will provide local orientation and training during your first several months, and encourage you to attend one of the many Partnership-wide meetings that take place every year.

We are passionate in our commitment to you as a new physician Partner, and your colleagues on the New Partner Committee view your success as their priority.  This rotating committee of physicians serves as the “voice” of new Partners, helping ensure a smooth transition for your career and advising senior leaders on the concerns and priorities of new Partners.

“The democratic structure of CEP America is important because when the physicians are allowed to own their own successes and failures, they are really motivated to make a positive contribution to their medical practice.”

John Kelsey, MD
Mercy Medical Center - Redding

At your first Partnership-wide meeting, you’ll take part in the New Partner Orientation program designed by the New Partner Committee. We personally introduce you to CEP America’s culture, senior leaders, and the benefits and responsibilities of being a Partner. This two-day interactive session presents the resources and expertise available to you at CEP America – from practice finances and continuing medical education to retirement planning.

Leadership Opportunities

We take your professional growth as seriously as you do, and have developed opportunities that prepare you for more prominent roles within CEP America and at our practice locations. Our Leadership Academy, Medical Director Academy, and Management Fellowship are all designed to give Partners the advanced skills necessary to succeed as practice leaders and drive innovation in delivering of the highest quality patient care. 

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