Programs for Residents

CEP America delivers a career where you can focus on caring for patients. Whether you are close to graduating or have several years left in your residency, it’s never too early to start thinking about post-residency plans. We are happy to provide more information about searching for jobs, interviewing, applying, as well as comparing salaries and practice models.

We currently offer Senior Residents' Day and an Administrative Fellowship program to Emergency Medicine Residents. Sign up to receive a quarterly update from CEP America with practice tips and future events and opportunities.

Emergency Medicine Senior Residents' Day

CEP America is the national leader in developing Emergency Department programs that excel in quality, service, and operational excellence. Each year we host a Senior Residents' Day as an educational service to emergency medicine residents. Here you will gain exposure to the business aspects of emergency medicine and information on the transition from residency to independent practice. The program consists of lectures and a panel discussion/Q&A session, all given by recent EM graduates who are now in practice. Program topics include how to evaluate different practice models, comparing salary offers, financial planning, and life in practice.

Registration opens in May for a limited number of seats.

“CEP America isn’t just a bunch of people who get together, go to work and then follow the rules of the top person. It’s very thoughtful. It’s very supportive. It’s very fair.”

True McMahan, MD
ED Medical Director
Garden Grove Hospital

Administrative Fellowship

CEP America offers an Administrative Fellowship that provide in-depth training in leadership, administration, and financial management in Hospital and Emergency Medicine. Mentored by the Partnership’s Chief Medical Officer, Vice Presidents of Operations, and Regional Directors, Fellows are involved in essential projects that introduce them to important issues, such as quality, risk, advocacy, and continuing education.

Fellows experience a diverse array of leadership circumstances, and are active members of the CEP America management team, with opportunities to work on critical projects at the main office and site individual practice level. In addition, Fellows hone their leadership skills by participating in CEP America’s Leadership Development Programs and a wide range of governance and management meetings.

For more information about the Fellowship, contact Melissa Nuñez at 510-350-2859 or

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