Physician Reserves Program

Enjoy the benefits of being a CEP America Partner while exploring different practice locations around the country. Our Reserves Program offers a variety of short-term job opportunities nationwide along with the benefits of a national physician partnership.

Reasons to Join

CEP America physicians in the Reserves Program enjoy the freedom to practice medicine in different types of settings. Not only will this make you a better physician, but it will inform your decision on what type of practice works best for you. Are you trying to decide between a more rural or more metropolitan area, but not sure which might be a good fit? This program is an opportunity to test a location before settling down.
With CEP America’s Reserves Program, you can explore all of these options and more while enjoying the benefits of being a Partner in a national democratic group. You will earn a premium hourly rate and provide high quality clinical services at one or more locations.

Program Details

  • Physicians need to have flexible schedules and be available to work weekends, nights, and holidays
  • Participants work full-time and should be ready to commit one year to the program
  • CEP America guarantees 120 hours per month 

Reserves Program Benefits

  • A premium hourly wage during clinical shifts and travel
  • Full benefits, including health, profit sharing, and ownership
  • Fees and expenses covered for hospital credentialing, state and DEA licensing, travel, lodging, billing, and malpractice insurance• The opportunity to experience different work environments
  • Travel pay

For more information, contact:

Eva Goodroe                                                 Kim Hottell
510-350-2604                                                510-350-2745