Visa Candidates


We proudly sponsor H-1B Visa applicants (including J-1 Waivers) for employment as full or part-time physicians. Our program is a great place for you to pursue your practice while you establish permanent resident status. Once you obtain your green card, you’ll automatically become a CEP America Partner and be an owner in your practice.

Cost coverage

We want your focus to be on giving high-quality care, so CEP America covers all costs and fees associated with sponsoring a Visa physician, including applying for green card status.


All of our H-1B sponsored physicians are eligible to receive and participate in a benefits package that includes:
  • Retirement (401k) and health plans
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Risk management and professional liability insurance
  • Web-based and annual CME sponsored courses (necessary to maintain all requirements)

Becoming a Partner

Once your green card has been obtained, we’ll automatically transition you from employee status to Partner.  Service credit for prior hours worked will be evaluated at time of transition.  As a CEP America Partner, you will share ownership and profit sharing with your fellow physicians and have a vote and a voice in governance, operations, and internal finances.
If you’re a well-qualified international medical graduate we want to hear from you. For more information on visa sponsorships at CEP America, please call 1-800-842-2619.  

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