Hospital Medicine

CEP America established its hospital medicine division in 2000, building comprehensive practice management services to support this practice line. Today, CEP America is one of the only self-governing physician organizations to offer full and equal Partnership to hospitalists.

Unlike a conventional employee/employer relationship, as a Partner you own your practice and the Partnership structure is designed to allow for local site autonomy and shared decision-making capabilities. Every CEP America practice designs its own shift schedule that best suits the needs of both the physicians and the patients. Not only does this ensure consistent and appropriate patient care, but it also allows you to achieve a strong work-life balance.

"I think CEP America is an organization that provides so many avenues to physicians that I could definitely see myself be a part of that. I also would like to continue to grow in the Partnership and that’s why I hope that this is a life journey for me.”

Anna Gelberg, MD
Hospitalist Partner
Palomar Medical Center

By safeguarding the autonomy of each local medical practice, we attract the best, most dedicated physicians in healthcare. By becoming a Partner with CEP America, you can rest assured that you will never practice medicine in isolation. Instead, you have access to colleagues at both your local site and across the organization to share best practices and draw on each other’s expertise.

As a Partner you receive the added value of a constellation of practice management solutions developed and tested over time. We believe, and our physician Partners confirm, that we offer the most advanced support available to allow your practice to thrive. While you focus on your patients, we provide support services that reduce the burden of paperwork, and free you to spend more time at your patient’s bedside.

These services include:
  • Billing and compliance support
  • Scribe support (at some locations)
  • Electronic medical record training and implementation
  • Best practices and process improvements
  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Cross-departmental integration and collaboration