Critical Care

CEP America's hospital-based intensivist program is an ideal place to build a long-term career in this challenging specialty. Our robust practice management infrastructure makes it easier to deliver high-quality patient care you're proud of. You'll also have considerable say over your schedule and workload as well as a wealth of opportunities to contribute beyond the ICU.
We understand that when you're dedicated to caring for the critically ill and injured, quality of life matters. Our Partnership structure emphasizes local autonomy, allowing you and your site colleagues to set your own schedule and workflow for the benefit of physicians and patients. This approach supports you in delivering high-quality, consistent care while maintaining that all-important work-life balance.

"CEP America's Partnership model gives me everything I need to thrive over the long haul as a critical care physician. My Partners and I share a common goal of providing the best possible outcomes for patients while maintaining quality of life. That balance keeps us fresh and enthusiastic about our practice."
Steven Zgliniec, MD
Intensivist Partner
Palomar Medical Center

We also realize that as a member of a challenging specialty, you need opportunities to grow and contribute beyond the ICU. That's why we're committed to helping you develop as a leader within your hospital and Partnership. Whether you're studying at our Medical Director Academy, leading a quality improvement initiative or serving on a hospital-wide committee, we support you in pursuing your interests and talents.
Finally, as a highly specialized member of the acute care team, we want you focused on patients, not paperwork. As a CEP America Partner, you're supported by a constellation of practice management solutions developed and tested over time. We believe (and our physician Partners confirm) that we offer the most advanced support available to allow your practice to thrive, including billing, compliance, legal, IT, continuing education, and data analysis services.

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