Anesthesiology Administrative Fellowship Curriculum

Anesthesiology Administrative Fellows work closely with the CEP America executive team and have the unique opportunity to participate in and learn about the activities necessary to run a large, national organization. 

Didactic Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to prepare Fellows for leadership roles across CEP America and develop skills that include:
  • Identifying opportunities for process improvement and managing organizational change
  • Presenting to large groups and leading large meetings
  • Understanding financial metrics and identifying ways to optimize operational and financial performance
To that end, a portion of the Anesthesiology Administrative Fellowship includes three hours each month of dedicated instruction and discussion. Each session includes:
  • 1 hour of lecture
  • 1 hour of case study discussion
  • 1 hour to discuss leadership development with Fellowship Directors

Observation & Participation

Fellows are invited to attend the following meetings:
  • Board of Directors
  • Operations Committee
  • Medical Directors (biannual)
  • Spring Symposia
  • Palliative Care Workshop
  • Patient Satisfaction Collaborative
  • Resiliency Course
  • Committees
    • Credentials and Partnership Affairs (CPAC)
    • Clinical Education
    • New Partner
    • Risk Advisory Committee
    • CEP Women in Medicine
    • Compliance
  • Leadership Programs
    • Medical Director Academy
    • Leadership Series I & II
    • Communication Training
Fellows participate in a range of other opportunities, including leadership team meetings, Medical and Regional Director meetings, practice management team calls, operational site assessments, new contract site start-up visits, and monthly site management team meetings. 

Fellow Project

To demonstrate their ability to manage and lead, each Fellow is asked to develop a program that has operational or strategic value to the organization as part of their Fellow Project. The Fellow Project generally takes place over six to eight months and allows Fellows to engage with CEP America’s leaders and resources to make a lasting, organization-wide impact.
For more information about this Fellowship, contact Melissa Nuñez at 510-350-2859 or