Acute Psychiatry

CEP America recently established an innovative acute psychiatric medicine practice line to fill a growing need for these services across the country. Each program is constructed to meet the specific needs of the hospital or health system and the communities it serves. Practice models include regionally dedicated psychiatric emergency services, inpatient psychiatric units, crisis stabilization units, and telepsychiatry.
Psychiatrists who join our growing program at CEP America are full and equitable partners from day one. You’ll retain local autonomy and decision-making capabilities as an owner in your practice, while enjoying the stability, support and resources of CEP America’s national democratic partnership. Our organizational structure supports your success. This enables you to focus on patient care and enjoy strong work-life balance.

“The dedicated psychiatric emergency setting is more conducive to healing. This is about getting the patient the right treatment, at the right time, with the right personnel.”
Scott Zeller, MD
Vice President of Acute Psychiatric Medicine
CEP America

As a partner, you’ll benefit from a wide range of practice management services to reduce the time you spend on paperwork and other administrative tasks.
These services include:
  • Medical director training
  • Process improvements
  • Billing and compliance support
  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Cross-departmental integration and collaboration
  • Electronic medical record training and implementation
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