Who We Are

Physician Partners

CEP America is one of the leading providers of acute care management and staffing solutions in the nation. Founded in 1975, we now serve more than 6.3 million patients annually with over 250 practices throughout the United States.
We are an integrated team of emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesiology, urgent care, and post-acute care physicians committed to caring for patients with acute medical conditions. The CEP America team includes on-site clinical providers, as well as dedicated management and billing services through the MedAmerica family of companies.
As providers, we deliver timely, high quality, and compassionate care. As an organization, we have developed innovations and best practices that ensure optimal throughput and productivity, resulting in more efficient, cost-effective, and coordinated care.
It is our privilege to serve patients and their families, whether we meet them in the emergency department, as an inpatient, at an urgent care center or a post-acute facility.

A Partnership Approach

CEP America was founded 40 years ago as a democratic Partnership owned and operated by our practicing physicians. This structure continues today with each of our 1800 physicians an owner and Partner in the organization. We have no super-owners, outside investors or debt. All income from the practice is fully returned to the providers and invested in patient care.
We believe in this model because it means that each physician has an ownership stake in his or her practice. It also attracts passionate and committed providers who continue to innovate and improve upon the service we provide to patients, to hospitals, and to our communities.
Each of our practice locations is unique, and CEP America providers establish a solid local presence within the community and the hospital. We retain the best characteristics of the most well-regarded single-site physician groups, but with one major difference: CEP America medical directors and clinical providers can access a national network of management expertise and resources.

Innovators in Acute Care

CEP America has changed the face of acute care in America. We began by designing some of the first EMS response protocols in the 1970s, developed training courses for non-emergency specialists in the 1980s, and in the 2000s we created the throughput system that allows overcrowded emergency departments to maintain wait times under 30 minutes. Today, we are integrating patient care across acute care settings – what we call the Acute Care Continuum.
We work with hospitals to improve operational efficiency and patient satisfaction and ease emergency department overcrowding, while reducing average length of stay and readmission rates. CEP America’s operational programs integrate processes and establish clear communication pathways for more efficient patient throughput and better coordination between departments.
Our Team Care practice philosophy -- embraced by our providers along with nursing, case management, and ancillary staff -- results in a more rewarding and satisfying experience for patients, and higher job satisfaction for team members. Through the leadership of our physician Partners and our commitment to exceed patient and hospital expectations, CEP America continually achieves top rankings on national performance measures in clinical, operational, and healthcare service delivery.