Preserving the Independent Practice of Medicine

Merging with CEP America

Today’s practice economy continues to create new challenges for physicians. As Partners in a transparent, open democratic group, CEP America physicians have the power of a national organization, with the autonomy and independence of a local practice.
At CEP America, we consider ourselves the torchbearer for the democratic group practice model and the independent practice of hospital-based medicine. We are one of the largest democratic physician Partnerships in the US with 1800 physician Partners, none of whom owns more than 0.5% of the organization. Every physician Partner, including all Board Members and Executive Officers, has an active clinical practice.
“With CEP America, you retain democracy of a single-contract holder and gain the resource of a large corporation. You have tremendous opportunity. Every physician is a Partner, and the organization is very transparent. Overall it has been a tremendous experience.”
Kevin Schmidt, DO
San Joaquin Community Hospital
As an integrated physician group that includes emergency physicians, hospitalists, anesthesiologists, and ambulatory and urgent care specialists, we are ahead of the curve as a changing healthcare landscape demands stringent quality initiatives and creates increasing payment complexities. We are leaders in managing this complexity on a national level, all while safeguarding the autonomy and independence necessary for a local, patient-centered practice. Our integrated and independent practice model ensures that local physicians make the day-to-day decisions on overall management, staffing, allocation of administrative stipends, and work schedules.
We have a 40-year history of innovations that enable physicians to focus on caring for patients. Our model incorporates highly skilled physician assistants and nurse practitioners who, along with medical scribes and dedicated practice management and billing companies, make up one healthcare team dedicated to serving our five million patients.
In recent years, we have successfully added more than 30 independent physician groups and hospitals, with ED volumes ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 visits per year, to CEP America’s democratic partnership. Our physician group onboarding process assures a smooth transition of current physicians into the CEP America culture and organizational structure.
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